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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning in Hamilton and Haldimand County

At A Better Clean Janitorial Service, we're not only committed making your Hamilton-area space as clean as possible, but doing so in an environmentally friendly matter. We believe that being mindful of the environment has many benefits for our clients, including:

Neutralizing — Green practices neutralize our impact on the health and vitality of our air, water, and other natural resources. Going green minimizes the amount of toxic chemicals and pollutants we generate in manufacturing, in the use of products, and reduces waste and overuse.

Good Business
— Although adopting green practices may be a relatively recent trend, these practices are based on the sound, long-standing business principles of effective and sustainable use of resources. The general public, ever more aware of the costs of waste and pollution, has demonstrated its preference for businesses that engage in environmentally sound actions. If you’re ready to tap into that awareness, and garner even more respect and loyalty from customers, clients, and employees, A Better Clean offers a simple way to begin.

Ready Benefits
— While “green building” has captured widespread attention, every business professional knows that it’s the follow-up—the day-to-day building operations—where the long-term benefits begin. And the benefits of green cleaning are available to all, whether or not the buildings or businesses were originally designed to be green.

Feel Better
— The reality of introducing green cleaning to your space is that it makes people feel better—not only can it improve their physical health, but also their attitude about their work or living environment. And people feel better being part of smart business decisions that make a difference.

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