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Making Lasting Relationships in the Hamilton Area

A Better Clean Janitorial Service is about caring relationships and healthy environments: for our Hamilton-area clients and our employees. We build relationships directly with the people who work or live in the spaces we clean. Our crew members get to know people by name and remember the particular touches that mean the most to them. While our prices are competitive, we keep our clients because of our superbly individualized service and commitment to the partnerships we develop with them.

We Believe in Investing in Our Employees 

In addition, A Better Clean Janitorial Service has a different idea than most other cleaning services which depend on a low-paid workforce to compete in this price-driven industry. We pay our crew members a living wage and give them long-term opportunities for growth with our company. And because of our unusual view of the cleaning business, we constantly involve our crews in training to improve their skills and knowledge. Green cleaning, safety, security, and standard practices are just the beginning: we look for exactly the right touch to meet your special cleaning needs.

Call A Better Clean Janitorial Service today to get started.

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